Modern Day Snow Whi...
By immclaurin
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Aly's life (in her opinion) was so bleak and boring she thought she'd never get out of it. Her dream of becoming Jane Austen and finding her Mr. Darcy was looking farther and farther away that she didn't know if they were going to run off into the sunset without her. With college coming up in the Fall, she knew this was her only chance at finding a husband who didn't know her and wasn't forced upon her by the misconception most boys have that preachers' daughters are the ideal wife. So once she goes off to Ole Miss, the ultimate party school, she's shocked to find more than frat guys that peak her interest.  The more Jack gained responsibility, the more content he felt in life. He felt so alive on his motorcycle that he didn't think he could love anything more, but he was wrong. His club and his brothers consumed his heart with so much love that he didn't have any room for anything else. He was running the largest motorcycle gang in Mississippi, hell maybe even the whole South. They had just taken out the Blood Guns and now they were on top, the Reaping Sons. When school starts is the best time of the year, the new and improved parties, the new and improved girls and the summer sun still heating up the town, nothing could go wrong. Except maybe when someone needs to learn who and who not to respect in this town, even if the student he has to teach is a girl.


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Modern Da...
by immclaurin