Beyond Evolution
By PokeChick
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Kalos: Often known in the Pokémon World as the region of love. At the time Emma Shirona first arrived in Kalos, love was the last thing on her mind. She wanted to prove that her mother's faith in her wasn't misplaced. After eight years of journeying-six of them with her close friend, Ash Ketchum-Emma still had no first place trophies and medals to show for it. It was starting to make her tired... When she was with Ash, Iris, and Cilan, they came across a reporter from Kalos named Alexa. Ash and Emma followed her to Kalos, which set off a journey neither of them would forget. They met two siblings by the name of Clemont and Bonnie, along with Ash's childhood friend, Serena. Ash and Emma aimed for badges again-as they normally did. Everything was the same for Emma... until she got an unexpected call from Hoenn's new Champion-Steven Stone. Through Steven, Emma met two Trainers by the name of Alain and Mairin. She worked with them, learning more about Mega Evolution along the way. After their escapades, Emma returned to her friends, believing she would never see Alain again... However, fate works in mysterious ways... Emma and Alain reunited... and their bond returned in full force. She was determined to not lose contact again. Their bond would become tighter and tighter... even transcending a crisis that would impact the whole region... Cover is done by Juni_Penguin on Wattpad!


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Beyond Ev...
by PokeChick