Zombies 3 | Aaliyah...
By Scarletavengerobxp4l
  • Mystery / Thriller
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  • greatalpha
  • leader
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  • merpeople
  • sadness
  • sayinggoodbye
  • traitor
  • werewolves
  • witch
  • witchcraft
  • zeddison
  • zombies
  • zombies3


You, Aaliyah, 17 year old girl living her best life in Seabrook. Happy with her friends and "family" She always been helpful especially when it's come to helping "her kind." You helping out the wolves find their moonstone was a huge relief to Willa. Willa giving the great alpha moonstone to Aaliyah knowing deep down in her heart that she was the wolves leader. Turns out You were the great alpha. Aaliyah now living her "true life" with "her family", the zombies and human in seabrook forgetting her past...that is until...Everything goes wrong... a new species has landed in Seabrook. Looking for a new home. Will this new species be a hunting down Aaliyah or will they need her great help....?

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Zombies 3...
by Scarletavengerobxp4l