Captive Moon: Amule...
By amuletofhecate
  • Fantasy
  • edinburgh
  • gothic
  • graveyard
  • grimoire
  • magic
  • snow
  • victorian
  • witch


Sarah Snow seems just like every other demure young Victorian woman, but she hides a terrible secret; she has the power to resurrect the dead. Her dark magical gift means that Sarah has given up hope of love and freedom, and her future looks like it holds nothing more than a cycle of restoring her reckless brother Barty to life. When Sarah’s magic cannot fix Barty's rotten flesh, she embarks upon a quest to find a cure which leads her to the charismatic Elijah Swift, makes her question her birthright, and introduces her to the mysterious Amulet of Hecate. Set in 1891 Edinburgh, Captive Moon is a story of duty, love and betrayal, with a magical twist. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Captive Moon is written by Edinburgh based writer Jane Charlotte, who lives in a murky world of zombies, werewolves, vampires and witches. The book was available in beta on Wattpad at the start of 2015. Chapter One is still available on Wattpad for free, and you can read all of Captive Moon now on your Kindle friendly device. Canada: USA: UK:

Chapter One - The Resurrectionist

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Captive M...
by amuletofhecate