Burn Roses. (TBOAH...
By Andrews_Grapes
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"Ha.. How pathetic of me? Pffft! THEY ARE JUST A SERVANTS BUT WHY DO IT HURTS LIKE THIS!?!!" Cale shouted as he fell to his knees His tears fell nonstop as he cries out loud.. He is deeply hurt.. To the point where he is starting to lose control over his own mind. "WHY!??!! WHY DID I EVEN TRUST THEM!!??" Cale shouted Cale Henituse had once again suffer. A pain no one can even remove from his heart. A pain that has no cure. A pain that will last for a life time.. Cale's mind is already blank.. He is not in the right mind at this point, Cake stand up and walk towards the kitchen and held out some matches.. He walks towards the storage room where he...Burn down "COUNT THE STORAGE ROOM US BURNING!!" A servant shouted as he burst the door open The count seems calm since it's only some supplies and he knows no one is there... But his face got paler and his eyes widen as soon as the servant spoke one more time "THE YOUNG MASTER IS INSIDE!!" The servant shouted The count's heart drops as he quickly runs, He does not care is it's just the stuffs will be burn but his son is also there! The count had never run as fast as he did now.. They have reach the storage room that is almost burn to the ground.. Cale is still there..? The count's eyes started to water as he run towards there to save his son but the servants stop him. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!! LET GO!! LET ME SAVE MY SON!!" The count shouted helplessly

Burn. || Ep. 1

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Burn Rose...
by Andrews_Grapes