The Secret Sugg
By ellieortxnx
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Life can get difficult for Chloe. She's a very shy 14-year-old girl compared to her famous brother and sister, Zoe & Joe. Yeah, the famous Youtubers! Her family ignore her and don't enjoy her company which can be upsetting for her. Chloe doesn't get the point of sitting in front of a camera, filming a video and uploading it onto a website for the whole wide world to see. Chloe just enjoys her own privacy, just sitting in her room reading her favourite book series Harry Potter over and over again. But now Chloe has come to a decision. Whether to either not be known by anyone except from her parents, siblings and best friend Kate, or to come out of her tiny little shell and be known by many just like her brother and sister. What will she choose? And where will the change lead her? Please give me feedback in the comments and comment on how I could improve my fanfic! And please don't leave any horrible comments! Thankyou so much :-) x

Chapter 1: Being Unknown

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The Secre...
by ellieortxnx