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"I like kissing you Ellie, are you really gonna make me stop?" ☆☆☆ Elzay Blaine has never fit into her own life. As a matter of fact she has felt cast out since she was born, when her father decided he could handle two kids but not three. Her father walked out on them before she was even born, and her mother died shortly after, leaving her and her older sister in the care of her much older brother. But truthfully, Ellie has no memory of her life before moving to Los Angeles, California. With her brother being a wealthy businessman and her sister being a world famous supermodel, Ellie has only known the luxury life of LA, but even at a young age she realized she was far too different and that different wasn't good. Different wasn't accepted. It made you a misfit. Damon Parker, son of tech mogul Dante Parker and heir of Parker Industries. A wealthy bad boy with a reputation that precedes him. Sharp cheekbones and a glare so cold it could freeze fire. He has no interest in following the rules of life, or following in the wealthy footsteps of his father. He's a misfit in the expectations of society and the black sheep in his own family. Damon not only has a rebellious reputation, but a dirty one too. It's known that he doesn't like anyone, not even the many girls he sleeps with. He tolerates, and if you really piss him off, he'll shred you to pieces with his words alone. He doesn't dislike, he hates. He doesn't like and he absolutely does not love...at least not until he started his senior year at a new school. Overalls, glasses, short brown hair, and a girl who is fascinated by anything that lies beyond the planet earth. Damon quickly realizes there is only one person that is his exception. It isn't a secret that Ellie is bullied in school, and she's ready to get her senior year over with. But with Damon around, maybe the year won't be so bad. Maybe these two misfits will find comfort in the most unexpected of places...with each other.


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by brownhair_bronte