Cruel Me
By fallenbabybubu
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MOUNT VALLEY SERIES #1 Oz Lacy is that broody rich bad boy everyone stays away from. Him and his crew likes to wreak havoc in town, not giving a shit to anyone they step on along the way. You know that misunderstood villain in every good hero's tale? Well, this is his story. ___ BAD BOY x DORKY GIRL trope From the world of A and D, but with a darker and edgier take on high school life in Mount Valley High. Strictly not for the softies and the faint-hearted. This is a stand-alone, so you don't have to read A and D or Mismatched Compatibility first. Also, this has a different atmosphere compared to the bright romantic comedies I usually do. It has action, with more use of vulgar words. But there are still sweet moments, of course! ;D


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Cruel Me
by fallenbabybubu