Slowly But Surely
By san-fics
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There was something Freudian in this, but Felix had a weak spot for women like his mother - outwardly soft and gentle, but strong and hard on the inside. And it was exactly the impression Ladybug left him with. Felix was smart enough to put two and two together. Maybe he still needed some proves, that would confirm his suspicions for 100%. Like the proves he needed to make sure Gabriel was Shadow Moth. But Felix used to trust his intuition and logic, so at this moment he was almost sure: the Marinette-girl was Ladybug. 1 Another motive 2 Time to pair up 3 Ally or rival 4 Family dinner 5 Getting closer 6 Among friends 7 Bright future 8 Emergency 9 Movie night 1 10 Movie night 2 11 Illusions of perception 12 Social collisions 13 Stolen life 14 Once is enough Ok, this is my old fic that I just noticed wasn't posted on Wattpad, so feel free to finish reading it on Ao3 (works/35900929) or wait for me to post it here!

1. Another motive

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Slowly Bu...
by san-fics