Belong To The City...
By BeautyAndTheBrain
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Interior Design major Cyntheia Rivera, has been working her whole life to get where she's at. Now at 21 being one of the most respected, and requested interior designer for the stars she couldn't have it any other way. Fresh off the streets, and finally living the life he was destined for August Alsina is making big purchases, and finally is building the life he believes he & his family has always deserved. Once he gets hold of one of the best interior designers in the country it becomes long months of working on the perfect house, but of course nothing ever goes smoothly in the fast life. Fights, Accidents, and a test of loyalty is just what little these two will face in their time of meeting one, and other, but is any pay check worth this?

Chapter 1: Belong To The City

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Belong To...
by BeautyAndTheBrain