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https://m.shubaow.net/159/159246/ The Right Way to Conquer Paranoid True Master [Wear the Book] Author: don't be sad Category: Danmei Fans Release time: 2020-11-01 Latest: Chapter 113 Rebirth and Transmigration Danmei Fans finished 399 thousand 1. Yao Yao transmigrated into a novel of a true and false young master and became the cannon fodder in the book. Yao Yao: Isn't it good to lie down and count money? Isn't it good to study hard? Is it better to be a rich second-generation scholar than to be cannon fodder? So Yao Yao refused to follow the plot and refused to contact the real master of Heihua. When he saw the real master Lu Chenzhou tied up and closed the small black house, Yao Yao: Farewell. He saw Lu Chenzhou kicking people into the gutter again, Yao Yao passing by while eating melons: I only have learning in my eyes. After school, Yao Yao, a melon eater, was blocked by Lu Chenzhou into the alley. Yao Yao: What are you doing? Yao Yao raised the watermelon he took a bite: Do you want to eat it? I can give you half of it. Lu Chenzhou stared deeply at his rosy lips dipped in watermelon juice, then the blackened demon king blushed, Lu Chenzhou: You eat melon, I will eat you. 2. Passers-by in the book: Demon King Lu is paranoid, ruthless and unscrupulous, so terrible! Yao Yao: It's alright, kisses will be shy, not as scary as the legends say. Passerby: He only treats you like that! ------------- Reading guide: 1. cp is the real young master, and the real young master can be salty or sweet (dog head 2. Dark and paranoid rebirth attack, and group pet learning tyrant Shou, mutual redemption 3. Really can grow watermelons, Shou is a genius player Content tags: Flower season, rainy season, sweet text wear Shu Shuangwen search keywords: Protagonist: Yao Yao, Lu Chenzhou ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: One sentence introduction: The real young master can be salty or sweet. Concep.

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