15 Days With You
By therealestpotato
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[AVAILABLE IN AMAZON] "15 days." When 23-year-old Sandra Hayley Harrison applied for her mediocre cubicle job, there was no doubt in her mind that she would live day to day in ridiculous mediocrity. When you choose a drama-free work environment, you get no drama. That's just how science works. That is until someone like Cassidy Williams, someone who annoyed the crap out of her, offered her a proposition. "Date me for 15 days. After that, I'll be completely out of your life." In a sheer act of desperation, she said yes. From then on, Sandra's mediocre life turned sideways, upwards, downwards, and spiraled out of control in the most memorable 15 days of her life. [CAUTION: LESBIANISM. PUT PROTECTIVE GEAR] Copyright 2018 The edited, *cough* better *cough* version of this book is also available at Amazon in eBook and Paperback format. Check it out and share it with loved ones! http://a.co/7RfzMdp


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15 Days W...
by therealestpotato