Thin Ice ✔️
By everlandwrites
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Danielle wanted to keep one thing locked away: her past. But that promise soon crumbles when a new face arrives on campus. Hockey forward, Hunter, is the newest player on the team. And he happens to be the one thing Danielle needs to avoid. At least that's what she thought. When he becomes her bestfriend's new roommate, she has no choice. His cocky attitude and confidence in the rink is all it takes for him to take the team by storm. He had hundreds of other girls throwing themselves at him, but he would not quit it with her. He's determined to find out what's behind Danielle's attitude and disliking towards him. As her past starts to unravel, Danielle is skating on thin ice. This time with her heart on the line. 1 MILLION READS [November 13, 2022] #5 in hockey 7/10/22 #13 in enemiestolovers 8/7/22 #6 in college 8/30/22 Started [Jun 2022] Finished [Oct 2022]

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Thin Ice...
by everlandwrites