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By spiderwiz
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The almighty Arataki Itto has landed himself in jail once again--but this time for murder. Someone has framed Itto for murder and all the facts quite clearly point towards him, so the Tenryo Comission has no choice but to lock him up for good. Knowing very well of his past misdemeanors, no one in the commission looks twice at the case. Even Shinobu can't get Itto out of this one, so out of desperation, a gang member goes to the Bantan Sango Detective Agency, but they can't pay the hefty fee for the case. Dejected, they wonder what else to do before Itto gets sent away to prison, but a young man, about the age of 15 appears, and declares that he, the genius detective Shikanoin Heizou, will take the case. Or: Heizou helps prove Itto's innocence.

Part 1

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by spiderwiz