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⚠️MACHINE TRANSLATION T I T L E Paste Your Face With White Moonlight [Quick Wear] 糊你一脸白月光[快穿] A U T H O R Yu Guijun 与归君 S T A T U S 161 Chapters (Completed) ... I N T R O D U C T I O N It is said that every man who refuses to take good care of his hits has a white moonlight hidden in his heart. It is said that every white moonlight is pure and beautiful on the surface and praised by everyone, but in fact, it is a sword and a hidden conspiracy. It is said that every Bai Yueguang has been at ease with the protagonist, creating countless misunderstandings and contradictions between the attack and the receiver. It is said that every Bai Yueguang will be reluctant to give up the other party's good when he finds out that the protagonist Gong has changed his mind, and then exhaust his evil ways to destroy the feelings of Gong Shou... Bai Yue couldn't understand why he was sorry for them until he was mercilessly discarded on the abandoned planet lacking oxygen by his own hair and the delicate and delicate boy snuggling in his arms. Insidious and cunning? Deep scheming? Ha ha, I'll put a white moonlight on your face! ! ! Wear quickly, Lord. But the attack of every world is a person. 1V1, HE. Demining: Sususu, the protagonist has a certain charisma attribute! Gold fingers are as thick as thighs! Content tags: The system quickly wears the future overhead cool text Protagonist: Bai Yue┃Supporting role: Shi Chen┃Others: Bai Yueguang, Kuai Chuan, Mental Power

1. System

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