My Heartless Heartb...
By Zaynismybae17
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"Get away from me and take your love with you. I don't want anything to do with it. Do you understand?" He growls, his eyes flashing with hatred and burning with unmistakable desire. "Get away from me before I rip apart that fucking polka dot sluty dress and leave you bare for my eyes. Christ, Inaya, you drive me to madness. So get the hell away from me." ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inaya Rose has been in love with Jibril for as long as she can remember. The boy with piercing dark eyes, blinding smile and god-like body. She was sure she was born already in love with him. Her grandma told her she'd reach for the stars one day. Well, she would, except her star was Jibril's heart. It didn't matter that he was older and several grades above her. It also didn't matter that he absolutely hated her guts for reasons unbeknownst to her. Nothing matters but reaching for her star.


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My Heartl...
by Zaynismybae17