Aria Lightwood
By NaomiNao102
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Almost twenty years ago Aria Forbes, the older sister of Caroline, meet the original hibrid, they immidiatle felt a soul bondind being formed. However at that time Klaus was crushing on Carolina so he rejected his mate. In pain Aria went to her sister to ask her to talk to Klaus and say that he should be with Aria. Caroline, however, sayed to her that she couldn't do that and that her sister was being selfish and left. Because of that no one talked to Aria enymore, nor the Mytic Falls gang or the Mikaelsons. Aria was in a lot of pain and alone when none other then Silas console her and steyed by her side, later she figured out that he saw her as his daughter. Silas transfomed Aria in a imortal witch like him and create another soul bond to her. Months later she meet Alexander Lightwood and create a family with him. But what hapend when the Mystic Falls gangster and the Mikaelson come back?

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Aria Ligh...
by NaomiNao102