Raven of Water
By WhiskeyJaneDoe
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All Lexi Rivers wants is to teach preschool, marry her jerk of a fiance Jackson, and lead a normal human life, but coming from a family of gifted magic users dedicated to summoning a demon and bringing about the end of the world makes her dreams... unobtainable. When Lexi's group summons Kirroz, a demon whose arrogance is offset by his unnatural charms, Lexi's role is to care for him. The more time Lex spends with the demon, the more she realizes that the man has a well-concealed sweet side that she's already unnaturally and intimately familiar with. Thanks to a series of strange dreams and fuzzy half-memories, Lexi remembers Kirroz from the past, but things take a dramatic turn when Kirroz reveals his genuine reasons for coming to this realm. Lexi will break down the walls between the god-realm and this earth and bring about the end of humanity, and it's Kirroz's job to help her. Will she break and cave to the demon? Or will she resist the Kirroz's demands as she remembers her first love the Raven of Water.

Chapter 1: Dark Fate

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Raven of...
by WhiskeyJaneDoe