The Deal [Eddie Mun...
By emunsonlvr
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19 year old Samantha Mayfield has dealt with every monster that has decided to visit Hawkins, Indiana. She is constantly sacrificing everything to protect her loved ones. After the death of her step brother Billy, Samantha decides to leave town for 6 months not knowing how much would change in that short period of time. She comes home and has to deal with yet another monster, Vecna. But Vecna isn't her biggest problem. After accidentally bonding with Eddie Munson, the kid who she is tutoring, Sam is forced to stay home and work together with her ex, Steve Harrington, and the rest of the gang to clear Eddie's name. The clock is ticking, and Sam, who promised to never fall in love again, has many decisions to make. Stranger Things owns all of their characters and plots. ( steve harrington x fem!oc ) ( eddie munson x fem!oc ) ( pre- season four • season four ) ( stranger things )

The Deal

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The Deal...
by emunsonlvr