Change (Loki x Read...
By sigynfan
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Y/n has worked for S.H.E.I.L.D ever since she was 14. Her ability to change into different creatures was admirable making her quite noticeable for the avengers to her dismay. So as amazing friends would, Clint and Natasha decide to recruit her against her will. Upon arrival, she meets this interesting God of Mischief who changes her life forever. Will she be able to move on from her past? Can she Change? HEY GUYS, this is SigynFan, So this is my second fanfic my first one being Sorceress of Asgard a Sigyn x Loki. Check that out if you wish! I own no characters except y/n and some others that might turn up. I hope you like this book! It isn't going to be the same as the MCU timeline. Lets just pretend its another multiverse PIETRO IS ALIVE SOKOVIA ACCORDS WERE BURNT BY A SUPERHERO WHO EVERYONE SUSPECTS TO BE A BOOK AUTHOR Lots of Love SigynFan

Chapter 1: All Because of Nat

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Change (L...
by sigynfan