The Child born in t...
By Ann-Marie0Fangirl14
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I DO NOT OWN OHSHC Choko was born with the sun gently kissing her cheeks, everyone knew that she was kind and helpful, she'd do anything within reason to help others. But she is so alone, so scared. So when she bumps into Haruhi Fujioka they get talking as they walked to the club room. Choko didn't know what to say or do other than try and Help Haruhi with her debt. She now works as the maid for the Host Club at Ouran Academy, can she keep her heart ache to herself when Kyoya is prodding questions at her about her past? What will she do when the boys at the club begins to fall for her kind and protective nature?

Choko Wakahisa

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The Child...
by Ann-Marie0Fangirl14