Eye of the Beholder...
By Juni_Penguin_
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『Gazing through crystal eyes』 Internships are supposed to be a taste of what a Hero was expected to take on after graduation. After struggling to get his provisional license and being a step behind his classmates, Akihiko Mochizuki finally has the opportunity to intern with the Pro Hero: Briar in Yoshino. It's a small town with not much crime to begin with. Except for the whispers of the sudden rise of people going missing in the dead of night and a myth that was starting to seem more real than imaginary. What was supposed to be a calm learning experience suddenly derailed as the clutches of the unknown lashed out from within the foliage. However, subjectiveness is terrifying when you and someone else stare at the same thing and see entirely different things. Perhaps a twisted view is what made beauty in the eye of the beholder? ❯──「✾」──❮ BNHA does not belong to me nor do any of the canon characters. BnHA belongs to artist and writer Kohei Horikoshi. The only things that do belong to me are the original characters.


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Eye of th...
by Juni_Penguin_