What is family?
By serene_fictionist
  • Teen Fiction
  • abuse
  • brothers
  • family
  • mafia
  • neglect
  • olderbrothers
  • sisters
  • swapped
  • trauma
  • violence


Angelina Marino The only princess of the Marino family. The world knows her as a princess who has everything a girl could wish for. With unlimited fortune and five loving and overprotective brothers, life seems to be happy and flawless. But is it? Arianna Jenson The weird freak, as the whole school calls her, has a life no one would ever want to live. With abusive parents and impassive bullies at school, her life is full of tears, abuse and trauma. But for how long though? What happens when the five Marino brothers get to know that their sister was swapped with someone else at the time of her birth? Will the brothers choose their real sister or the sister they raised for fifteen years? Where will the truth lead the life of two girls? Join the journey of five brothers and two girls as they unravel each others dark past and secrets. Disclaimer : This is not a typical story where the real sister is a goody two shoes and the adopted sister is a negative character. No character in my book is completely white or completely black but are shades of grey. So if you are looking for a typical goody two shoes sister with an evil foster sister then this book is not for you!

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