Always, Tulip
By Maureentab
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~complete~ But what would happen when a military captain who barely talks meets an overly joyous girl who works at a bookstore? Surprising, wouldn't it be? When he asks first for them to be friends and constantly finds time in his busy schedule just to be around her? Add two little friends who will stop at nothing but see these two together. Isn't this a ship that's meant to sail till the end? ✪ ✪ ✪ "G-Grey?" I called out softly before he left the store. I was afraid that something would happen to him when he was away. "You'll come back?" I just wanted him to assure me that he would be safe. He was strong yes, but I was conflicted. "Always, tulip." He gently stroked my hair as he extended his pinky finger. I extended mine too and his thumb pressed on mine in a promise and I relaxed slightly. ||Highest ranking|| #3 in protective 5/13/2023 #6 in humor 5/13/2023 #2 in adorable 5/20/2023 #7 in sweet-romance 5/22/2023 #1 in kind 5/25/2023 #2 in grumpy 5/30/2023 #7 in sweet 6/1/2023 #75 in love 6/3/2023 #3 in lovely 6/23/3023 #2 in soft 6/25/2023 #3 in slowburn 7/12/2023 #4 in sunshine 7/25/2023 #1 in smile 10/18/2023 #5 in cute 11/17/2023


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by Maureentab