Masked Faces [DISCO...
By Theta_Shi
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[English version] Cale Henituse knew the choice he made would be a difficult one, he also knew that he would be spared nothing. Immersing himself in this all-complicated world and its more complicated matters, Cale decided to drag in some random rascals and set things on fire. Or: 36-year-old Kim Rok Soo finds himself in a dark forest after falling asleep by completing a 5-volume novel he was reading. Right, that novel is [The Birth of a Hero]. The strange thing was, his body returned to being 17/18 years old. He transferred just in time for the Harris Village raid to have finished and finally had to calm Choi Han from going on a rampage any further. The two of them set off together for Rain City to report the situation to the territory lord and met Cale Henituse in the fateful meeting. Credits: Lout of the Count's Family or Trash of the Count's Family is wholly owned by the author, Yoo Ryeo Han. Cover: Pinterest (To be replaced later)

[He's Sick, but He's Fine]

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Masked Fa...
by Theta_Shi