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By LadyAriya
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THIS STORY IS ON HOLD AND HAS TO BE REWRITTEN. STAY TUNED! He's sad. He's alone and mildly suicidal with a touch of panic attacks. He's a full grown man that still grieves after the rejection at his 18th birthday. His life sucks and he fully accepts it. "You gotta work with what you got", he says, but inside he wishes for a love life where his so-called mate weren't a reputation hungry dick, the pack not a homophobic flock of one-minded dogs, and that his life literally didn't suck. Practically living a double life, where he's a cold hearted CEO of a big hitting firm, and theirs the real him; the scared, sad, depressed and stubborn side. When u want to appear strong, but aren't, the only solution is to fake it. It's not like his life completely suck. He has his father, who he holds dear. But hardly visits. And then, just don't tell her, she will haunt him forever, his PA Elise, that have been like a mother to him for so many years. All in all, he didn't have much to live on. And God, did he wish he could end his pathetic life. But even himself knows knows that he can't do that. That's just stupid. Apparently The Goddess have something in store for him. Let's hope it's not something shitty. Copyright © LadyAriya , 2015

Showing Mr. Wolf

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Showing M...
by LadyAriya