His Darling Clement...
By seawrites5
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One would never expect such a sweet girl to end up with such a cold guy. Clementine Ruiz, the golden girl of Hogwarts. Happy as can be and easily the sweetest girl to roam the halls. And then there is Draco Malfoy... the boy who everyone disliked for the longest time because of how rude he was to everyone. Basically, you would not expect these two to end up together. However, after many experiences together, Draco and Clem found themselves growing their relationship. By the time they finished their time at Hogwarts, their love for one another could not have been stronger, and with that, they were ready to take their relationship to the next level... by telling their parents. Now, one would wonder why they never told their parents despite being together since their third year. Well, the only issue with them being together is that their families have been feuding for over 100 years and absolutely despise one another. Long story short, telling their parents did not end well. Clem finds herself separated from Draco and in an arranged marriage with none other than Adrian Pucey. However, with love so strong, Draco and Clem do not let such a thing stop them. In the end... till death do us part. -Cover Credits: KhushixPreeran -New chapter every Tuesday and Friday:) -Started: July 5, 2022 -Ended:


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His Darli...
by seawrites5