Pretty People
By ElkiGT
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She just knew him as the boy in her class with a pretty face- nothing more, nothing less. She never stuck around to get to know anyone too much, let alone learn the name of a guy she deemed the same as any other guy who was popular in highschool. Sage Taylor, 23, in her final year of her Creative Writing degree and unbeknownst to her, will be offered a joint opportunity with a boy she thinks she knows based on his conventional looks. Out of their comfort zone, the pair have their university to represent, long distances to travel and a prize to compete for. Pretty People is a story about knowing people beneath the skin, knowing them as a person- not what they present to be. Even the prettiest face could have the ugliest truth. Will Sage's idea of pretty be proven right or will she be proven wrong?

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Pretty Pe...
by ElkiGT