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By Andrews_Grapes
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"PROTECT HIS MAJESTY!!" A lady with beautiful red hair and eyes, Rosalyn yells as she released her mana cover cover a handsome man "YOUR MAJESTY ARE YOU OKAY!?!?" A wolf boy, Lock ask "I am alright Lock, but we need to worry about where are we, who bring us here and why are we here. Show yourself now!" The prince of Roan Kingdom Alberu Crossman said "Expecting from the grate and bright ball sun of the Roan Kingdom! Such a sharp sense and eyes~" A serious man said popping out of nowhere Alberu look at him with disgust and an uneasy gaze, as chills run through his blood veins. 'Oh? Is it this why Cale Henituse like to teas his highness like this? How amusing!' The mysterious person said to himself as he smile even more The other people all started to appear one by one as all of them has a confused, alert, scared and frozen look, The guy have a unusual look. He has black and white hair with black eyes, he wear a very unusual clothing, no one is familiar with this, but someone from the audience notice and know what type of clothing he is wearing It is non other than Choi Han, the so called hero of this world who is now closed to a doomed future, Ah.. Such a pityful world. "Those clothes-" Choi Han spoke but got cut off when a voice started to echo around the room Choi Han and the other audience look where the direction of the voice.. Choi Han frown deeply and run towards a Red head man and about to punch him when.. A invisible wall stop him. "YOU BASTARD!!" Choi Han yells as he keeps on trying to punch him "Please do not fight. Let me explain why are are all here, If you do not want to participate then it's fine by me but let me tell you that I am here to help your hopeless world. Your so called wonderful world will come to an end!" The host said as he smile It creeps people out, It is because of how he can tell such things, with a clearly happy smile but Alberu Crossman seems interested on what this man is talking about

Chapter 5 (They met) || Ep.1

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TBOAH (Si...
by Andrews_Grapes