Falling For His The...
By jj31030
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Book #2 of the "Falling" book series Warning: Mature (18+) Content! #2 in Graphic 2022 #1 in Sexualtension 2023 #1 in Wealthy 2022 #1 in Therapy 2022 #1 in Explicit 2024 #2 in Sexual 2022 #2 in Past 2022 #38 in Trauma 2022 #8 in BWWM 2022 #10 in Drama 2022 #5 in Violence 2022 #3 in Lovestory 2023 #92 in Romance 2023 #35 in Steamy 2023 **** 25 year old Aya Claire has always loved helping people, which is why she became a Therapist. She has several clients, but none of them draw her in like the handsomely broken Declan Isaacs does. Now 26 years old, Declan Isaacs is still learning to cope with past trauma. After his old Therapist passes away, he is referred to a new a Therapist, who just so happens to catch his attention. **** Can Aya resist the forbidden and undeniable attraction she feels towards her client, all while trying to teach him how to cope with his past trauma? Will Declan ever be able to eradicate the ghosts of his past that continuously haunt him? Find out in this sexy forbidden love story when Aya and Declan encounter one another.

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Falling F...
by jj31030