Falling for Ezra
By sreadds
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A girl whose definition of perfect is impossible and a boy whose definition of perfect is her. * The Taylor family is known to be rich, successful, and beautiful; They have many car companies across the nation. Their sister company Hollen Industries is just as successful. When they found a new business opportunity in Frankfurt, Germany they were forced to move away from their hometown, Salt Lake, Utah during Azalea's eighth-grade year. Luckily for her, her best friend, Rylee, is a part of the Hollen family so they moved into the same neighborhood. That being said, she had to leave everything else behind. They figure out they get to move back home, the summer going into their senior year. Although this was great news, it forced a wandering person into Azalea's mind... Ezra. Ezra Klein. - Ezra lives a pretty good life, or at least that's what everyone thinks. His mother, Francessca, is an alcoholic with depression, and his father, Otto, is a businessman who sends a check every week just so he doesn't have to visit. He works even though he doesn't have to and takes care of his little brother, Ethan. When Otto figured out Francessca was pregnant again, he just left. He sent letters in the mail, but he never came back; Ever since then, Francessca has been off the rails. Even though Ezra has been through all of this; he puts a front on so nobody thinks anything of him. In their eyes, he's just a rich boy who gets anything he wants. When he sees the two houses down the street that have been vacant for almost 3 years, suddenly have cars in the driveway it forced a wandering person into his mind. Azalea. Azalea Taylor. * "I hate you," she states. "Are you sure?" "Yes." "Are you sure?" I ask with a more questionable tone. She steps forward and places her hands on the counter, trapping me in between her arms. "Ezra," she says as she looks up at me. "Azalea." "Get out of my house." She says bluntly and walks away.


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Falling f...
by sreadds