He Doesn't Do "...
By 0urLittleSecret
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Bad boys don't do "love" and Brett Adam Dallas isn't an exception. His name literally spells B.A.D. He uses girls and throw them out like a used tissue. He's a party-going, no-f*ck-giving, straight-up bad boy. Everything about his god-like looks and cocky demeanor screams badass. Avery Scarlett Summers, is the new hot-ass girl in town. She's sarcastically prefect in every way, and is the newly deemed prize of every guy in school. Don't get on her bad side, because she could be a real ASS when she wants, but she made one fatal flaw, moving in across the street from Brett. And from the simple starts of a tray of brownies, the chase began and the hate started brewing, but be warned, hate turns to love and eventually you'll get caught. *some inappropriate language*

Chapter 1

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He Doesn'...
by 0urLittleSecret