Suffer and entertai...
By FandomHouse
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Basically Totcf and Tboah reacting to cale's suffering such as him stabbing himself, the wind island test and the sealed god's test ah also me bullying tboah and rubbing the fact that Tboah world will get destroyed no matter what they do I was going to make them react to this chapters in my other reaction fic but I can't wait till I go to that point in that fic where I'm slowly revealing the secrets lol my impatient ass can't be patient with itself hahahaha- fuck anywho beware there will be OOC because I'm dumb and there will be alot of cursing and the god who'll narrate and kidnap them will be very different from my other reaction fic because my mood swings can't stick with one personality [ !!TRASH OF THE COUNT'S FAMILY DOESN'T BELONG TO ME!! ] [ !!Story Cover is from chapter 82 in manhwa!! ]

Coming soon...

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Suffer an...
by FandomHouse