To Her New Life
By CringyWriterSky
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At the young age of 3 Abriana was sent away along with her mother Ilaria to live somewhere else by her own father Leo because someone sent him fake photos of his wife Ilaria cheating on him around the same time Abriana was conceived. 4 months after Ilaria left, she sent a DNA to Leo, proving that he was the father. Will he realize his mistake? A few years passed, and everything was fine. Sure, Ilaria was broke and lived in a small run-down house with her daughter in the bad part of London, but they were happy. When Abriana was 10, her Ilaria got into the wrong crowd and slowly started to get addicted to drugs, but it never stopped mother from loving her daughter anymore. Abriana 12 when Ilaria died from an overdose, leaving her to fend for herself in this cruel world. Will she ever get the chance to see her brother again?


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To Her Ne...
by CringyWriterSky