The Bodyguard
By CameoLover93
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Playboy billionaire Aiden Grayson is being blackmailed and when he meets his handsome new bodyguard, Julian, he's slowly overcome by feelings he can't deny. ***** Aiden Grayson is a child of privilege. He's a bachelor and a billionaire who's never had to work for anything. However, he's left a trail of destruction in his wake and someone from the past is coming back to haunt him. He's being blackmailed, and soon he's assigned a new bodyguard: the handsome, Julian McAndrew. At first, the two men are opposites, forced to work together, but after a drunken kiss, Aiden can't deny his feelings. He throws himself into his vices, trying to sort himself out, while Julian continues to keep him safe. With a blackmailer one step ahead, can Julian protect Aiden from danger? Or more importantly, can Julian protect Aiden from himself? [[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

• Warning: Please Read! •

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The Bodyg...
by CameoLover93