Blood Bonds - Book 1
By ChiaraCilliAuthor
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • abuse
  • adult
  • angst
  • assassin
  • blood
  • bromance
  • contemporary
  • dark
  • darkerotic
  • darklove
  • enemiestoloverstoenemies
  • gritty
  • kidnapping
  • murder
  • obsession
  • onebed
  • revenge
  • smutty
  • spicy
  • strongfemalecharacter
  • suspense
  • thriller
  • transylvania
  • villainprotagonist
  • violence


ALEKSANDRA I had everything I ever dreamed of. I had worked hard to get where I was. I was ready to take the family business to the highest peak of success. Then I was kidnapped. Now I have to survive a man who consumes my soul. I can't let him suffocate me with his deadly presence. HENRI I never had the life I dreamed of. Violence, abuse, and cruelty had marked me for nine years. I was ready to satisfy my revenge against those who had abused me for a long time. So I took Nikolayev's daughter. No matter how hard she fights, she has no chance. Because I will kill her. WARNING! This is a dark contemporary series. A very DARK one. It's full of violence, death, and blood. A lot of blood. It's scary and disturbing, twisted, not suitable for people sensitive to these topics, and recommended to an adult and conscious audience. This is a story about revenge, hate, obsession, and power lust. But it's also a story about family, loyalty, and friendship. A story about love. That love that consumes you, destroys you. That could save you, or drag you to hell. A love that will break your heart. So, if you're ready, welcome to the darkness!

Before starting... Info & WARNINGS!

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Blood Bon...
by ChiaraCilliAuthor