Losing Hope
By MarinkadeMeutter
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Kara Zor-El lost her planet Krypton, she got brought to the earth when she was 13. she had to protect her cousin but her pod got in a black hole. after she finally got out of the black hole she got on earth. she was still a 13 year old girl thanks to the black hole but her cousin was a grown man named superman. she didn't had to protect him anymore. Kal-el (Superman) brought her to her adoptive family the Danvers. years passed and now she was a grown woman working as the assistant of media queen Kat Grant. after saving her sister from a plane crash everything changed she is now know as supergirl. but the world is carrying a lot of weight on her shoulders. Missing her planet she starts to feel really down. even the girl of steel breaks. Alex her protective adoptive big sister does everything she can to help her little sister. I don't own any of the characters. this is my own fanfiction about it it will be different than the series but I still hope you'll like it.

crying her tears out

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Losing Ho...
by MarinkadeMeutter