Little Miss Nosy
By moon_beamx
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Ashton fell in a pile next to me. My cheek stung from the harsh blow but it was no where near close to the beating he had just received. The men took one last look at what they had accomplished and the pain they had inflicted, and left the alley; smirking all the way. Ashton looked at me; guilt written all over his face. He thought he was protecting me, by keeping me in the dark. By telling me a fraction of the truth. Instead, he did the exact opposite. "Ashton, it's time you tell me... He looked at me like he knew what I was about to say. "It's time you tell me everything." *** Peyton McAllen. When you first lay eyes on her, you'll assume she's a happy sweetheart. She's the type of girl that flys under the radar at Summers High School. With a minimum amount of friends comes a minimum amount of drama, right? She would rather stay home on a Friday night; snuggled deep into her cozy blankets while binge watching a whole season of Teen Titans Go, than partying until two in the morning. But in reality, she's a girl trying to live with a broken family, bullies, and memories of people she would rather leave in the past. And she's okay with it. Moving on was supposed to be the easy part. But that all changes when Ashton Brooks walks into her life. Ashton Brooks is the new kid. He has that typical bad boy aura and radiates nothing but confidence and danger. When fate winds up pushing the two together, Peyton finds out that Ashton is hiding something and being a little too curious may not be the best thing. Follow Peyton as she digs deeper into the reality that is Ashton Brooks and comes face to face with the past that she so desperately wanted to leave behind. What happens when she digs a little too deep and finds out that what Ashton is hiding is somehow connected to her? Will she be strong and get over this obstacle that fate has put her through? Or will it be too much for Little Miss Nosy to handle?

Chapter 1- The Announcement

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Little Mi...
by moon_beamx