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Malakai Rosenberg, 20, is complicated, his unknown but obviously traumatic childhood has made him become what he is today, the most famous and most violent serial killer in the world, he was injured after police bombed the building he was in, causing them to capture him, and put him in 'CARVALLE: SCHOOL OF CRIMINALS' you either leave carvalle at 25, and re-enter society as a normal human being, or go to prison, depends on your record, and how you do in the 'school' Oliver Jones, 19, Is a lesser criminal, hes robbed a few times, threatend teachers, almost killed a boy, you know, nothing big, but his degree in criminal psychology makes him useful to the Headmistress, Miss Harmon, who needs someone to talk to Kai, or try to get something out of him that isnt gibberish, or concerning drawings of dead people and torture methods, Oliver is put up the the clearly impossible task, but will things change? TRIGGER WARNING: MENTIONS OF DEATH, SUICIDE, RAPE, ABUSE, DRUGS, SWEARING, SMUT, ROMANCE, PSYCOLOGY, MENTAL HEALTH, SERIAL KILLERS, METHODS OF TORTURE AND MURDER.

1. I condone Murder

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by yourlocalgaysAdist