"Sir Guy's Dil...
By GratianaLovelace
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When Sir Guy was given a second chance at life and happiness with his Lady Roseanna and their children--the now four years old Seth Gisborne born out of wedlock to a serving girl and Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna's 4 months old infant Lady Helen Rose Gisborne--Sir Guy was also given a second chance at being a positive force for good for his new half brother Lord Archer of Locksley, Earl of Huntington. And Sir Guy vowed to endeavor to be as good a brother and mentor as his much younger brother--who is 28 yrs old to Sir Guy's 41 years old--had ever known or wished for. But brothers do not always see eye to eye, especially with regard to family matters. And even the finest of families have their difficulties to be overcome, or at least, traversed--perhaps even more so. [Author's Note: For the beginning of Sir Guy's and Lady Roseanna's love story, see the first story in this series, titled "Guy's Rose" (Book 1).]

"Sir Guy's Dilemma" (Book 2, a sequel to "Guy's Rose")--Prologue

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by GratianaLovelace