Vivid Decadence ||...
By Juni_Penguin_
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『Crystals must erode before their brilliance is shown』 "Move without a sound. You should only speak when it is time to say checkmate," were the words that Decadence said in the form of advice. Agreeing to the words inscribed on that paper crane a year ago, Tanami's choice to flee with the Empyreans was seared into her mind with certainty. Taking Chamaeleon's hand was the best course of action for herself and those she cared about. However, after a time of stillness, ripples begin to break through the surface as the Seraphim start to make their move once again. Unable to ignore those vile acts, the crystal finds herself taking the ancient alias of Caeli. Brandishing a blade made of obsidian, she could only stare at her mirror image with vivid sorrow. With the shake of her head, she could only turn away from her brother and head into the depths of the night. You can't catch something that you can't see, especially with erosion comes into play. Akihiko's expression twisting into heartbreak nearly forced her to a halt, yet she still took hold of Chamaeleon's hand anyway. It's for the best, she told herself. It's for the best. "I can't let you get hurt too." ----- BnHA does not belong to me nor do any of the canon characters. BnHA belongs to artist and writer Kohei Horikoshi. The only things that do belong to me are the original characters.


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Vivid Dec...
by Juni_Penguin_