My Own Person
By Annabethchase44
  • Teen Fiction
  • anorexia
  • anxiety
  • asexuality
  • bisexual
  • bisexuality
  • bullying
  • coming
  • comingofage
  • cozy
  • friendship
  • homophobia
  • homosexuality
  • lgbtq
  • warm
  • ya
  • young
  • youngadult


Prologue: Serena Torez was only sixteen years old, going to junior year of high school when she was beaten up to death because of a photograph of her kissing another girl went viral on Instagram. A man around his forties found her laying on the street; nose covered with blood, trying not to lose her conscious. Although she could not remember much of her time at hospital, she could recall exactly how she was feeling that day: mad that people were only watching her instead of helping. She could not scream, and she always felt guilty of how anxious she made her parents. They did not know that she was bisexual until this day; it was neither her dream come out nor how she imagined her day would go. Summary A young girl from Boston moves school after being bullied and eventually, beaten up to death. Staying at the hospital for three months, Serena changes her school for a fresh starts. That's where she meets the prettiest girl of her life. But will everything get better? This is the story of two girls discovering their identity and coming of age. TW: Mentions of mental disorders, bullying, self-harm, and suicide


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My Own Pe...
by Annabethchase44