Amarti Imperfetto (...
By AmySpamy97
  • Horror
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
  • dead
  • gothic
  • living
  • love
  • odd
  • slash
  • weird


Amarti is a boy in his late teens with a special power, one that not many are in possession of; he can speak to dead people, interact with dead people and banish them at will. This means that he has been an outcast all of his life, being seen as a freak, bullied, beat up and ridiculed everywhere he seemed to finally settle. The secret would always manages to escape, and that meant a relocation for his parents. However, all of this changed when he moved to the remote town of Sollicitus. He knows something isn't quite right from the moment he enters the town threshold, but he never expects what is to become of him there- some could see he meets with fate, or finds the mission he was destined for- but there is a catch: Amarti falls in love with the boy next door... The problem he has is discovering which world he's from: living or dead?

Chapter 1

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Amarti Im...
by AmySpamy97