Who Should We blame...
By Angelic_Ayesha
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Define Mom:- The one who gives birth to a child..err No! Mom is someone special, Mom isn't just a Women, She is a hero! Who can do anything for her child..Who can face the whole world for her child..Who can do anything to see her child happy and safe..Mom is someone who is incredible, Strong and the one who can fight like an warrior for her child..!! Let's meet and join Mrs. Sonia Kapoor's journey with the society who faced alot of difficulties throughout her life just to see her daughter and son happy, Who left them all alone just for their safety, Who cried behind their back but didn't let an single tear roll down infront of her life lines, Who faced the society strongly just for her daughter and son, Who just fought like a warrior for her chidren, Who stood like a barrier protecting her children from the society! Started writing on:- Completed writing on:- Published on:-

Who Should We Blame?

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Who Shoul...
by Angelic_Ayesha