An Otome Game? More...
By vara_user
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Kim Rok Soo died after saving a girl from a sudden unranked monster attack. When he opened his eyes, he was inside prequel of an otome game called [The Hero's Love]. Apparently, he was transmigrated into Cale Henituse's body. A villain who was fated to die in every fucking route! But, wait. Something is weird. Why is he laying on the cold floor while holding a small bottle? "From the bottle that the butler give me, and after I check his body, I think he was drinking poison." 'What the fuck?' Kim Rok Soo was lost of word. He was just died a few moments ago, then got a new life just for dying again? 'Are you kidding me?! Whose God that send me into a suicidal kid's body?!' *** In which Cale was trying to survive in an academy-setting otome game, hoping he won't get beaten by the love interest, but ended up being loved by everyone. ••• Trash of the Count's Family belongs to Yoo Ryeo Han.

Chapter 1 Part 1 : Could All of This Get Any Worse?

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An Otome...
by vara_user