Opposites Attract (...
By I_love_Jacksepticeye
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- this was one of the first stories I ever wrote. I was thirteen, and all I had to write on was an ipod 5. I know there are spelling mistakes, plot holes, and a lot of people are upset with this. I apologize for the frustration, but I've moved on to other books, and do not want to revisit this one. Please be considerate when you comment.- Imagine you're a girl, named Elsanna, who's parents, and little sister died a drunk driving accident, you had to move in with your Aunt, who beats you in Ireland, and the only thing keeping you going, is the YouTuber Jacksepticeye. You two end up in the same classes, while a beautiful budding romance, your aunt will not stand for you to be happy, and does everything in her power, to ruin you life, even if that means ending it, but Sean does everything in his power, to keep you safe, happy, and his. Theirs ALOT of talk about some very deep things, I think people over 16 would handle this best. Hope you all enjoy! TRIGGERS INCLUDE: Suicide Depression Cancer Mental deprecation Cheating Anxiety Adultery Miscarriage Kidnap/abduction Domestic abuse Violence Self hate Alcohol Self harm Please let me know if you plan to make a pre/sequal to this story. I want to read it!


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by I_love_Jacksepticeye