Liar | Wakasa Imaus...
By xccie_
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"You've always been a liar, cause that's where you're good at" Everyone's a liar, some are just so good at doing it that others wouldn't even notice. They say lying isn't always bad, but when is it really good? Is there really such a thing as a white lie? The consequences of lying aren't harmless even if it seems like it. Lying is a power that not many can do flawlessly, use it with caution or you might just find yourself alone with no one who trusts you. Wakasa Imaushi X Fem! Reader This story begins in a sort of a College AU, but it still somewhat follows the manga (It will begin in the Final Arc, but the other arcs will still be included). This can be also considered as a Tokyo Revengers X Reader but it will mostly focus on your relationship with Wakasa. [COMPRESSED AND EDITED VERSION] Disclaimer: I don't own Tokyo Revengers or any of its characters. Tokyo Revengers belong to its rightful owner, Wakui Ken.


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Liar | Wa...
by xccie_