Wrong number (HxH)
By lIhavenolife
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You get added to the Phantom Troupes group chat, People want to adopt you, Hisoka is being Hisoka, And Shalnark and you form the suicidal squad! Or, in other words: Y/n causes chaos This slowly turns into more of an actual fanfic and less of a textfic- there's still texting parts though! So join Y/n as they- Build a harem Start a cult Illegally adopt children Get kidnapped And most importantly- Get Gon and Killua together! Nobody has wrote any of these so I decided to make my own. Story is suited for both males and females. (I will use They/them pronouns, feel free to imagine them as your pronouns!) Story contains: • Cussing • Mentions of suicide • Small mention of SH • Violence • Hisoka • Mentions of sexual activity • Probably more If you are uncomfortable with any of this please do not read. I don't own HunterxHunter, story will not completely follow the original story line. (Also this is my first book, so it sucks. You have been warned)

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Wrong num...
by lIhavenolife