Still Have Feelings...
By lynzsims
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He grabbed me and pressed his lips onto mines. I kissed back, not really being myself. I let him kiss me. It was probably a bad idea, but I didn't care at the moment. He picked me up and put me on the table behind me. Our lips was still connected, then he kissed down to my neck. I lay down and he reconnected our lips. My legs was spread and he was in between them. He took off my shirt and I took off his. Then.. at the corner of my eye, I saw.. Mr. Snacker. Standing by the library door. *We follow up on 20 year old Charlie Ridgeway. He's now in college as well as Charlotte and Aiden. Charlie has a girlfriend, her name is Ella, and she is also in college. Ella's best friend happens to be Charlie's ex girlfriend, Claire. What Ella don't know is that they used to date. Since Charlie is always with Ella, and Claire is always with them, Claire and Charlie realizes something.. they might still have feelings for each other. Do they? Or did he just use Ella to get closer to Claire? How would Ella react when she finds out that her boyfriend and her best friend used to date? Will Ella give up Charlie for Claire? If Claire still likes him? Will Charlie and Claire get back together? Read to find out!* Credits are all mines. PG-13!!!

Chapter 1: Dating ex-gf's best friend

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Still Hav...
by lynzsims