My Evil Protectors
By Oueen_Of_Darkness
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Oriana Rosanna is a sweet, cute and innocent girl. She is 14 years old. She lives with her father who loves her more than himself. He always tries to hide from something or someone but she never knows what or who? She hates violence. She hates loud noises, yelling or blood. She had a bad past that she never wanted anyone to find out. He tries to give her every happiness she wishes for. He always keeps her close to himself. He makes her an angel in the world of dangerous people. But everything change when one day she came from school and find some men at her home. What happened when they're her brothers? Why does her father hide her from her family? And what happened when her big brother is none other than capo of the Italian Mafia? Is she gonna cope up with her problems and gonna have a happy life? Will her brothers gonna find out about her past? Will she be able to melt her brother's cold hearts or are they gonna break her? Read to find.....


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My Evil P...
by Oueen_Of_Darkness